Wilderness of Grief: Promise of Hope

Jean was married to Dave — the love of her life — for fifty-six years before he passed away — serving with him for fifty-five of those years in ministry and pastoring — she resides in Indiana with most of her family around her — two children and their families together with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren — each adding blessing and joy to her days — she has always had a love of decorating — practicing this in various renovations — making her home a beautiful sanctuary — she attended a grief retreat at Spark of Life after Dave’s passing — helping her to move forward in living — now she works for the foundation — giving her the opportunity to still help people — a perfect fit for her — she has always done some writing — but this is her first published work — God — family — and friends — continue to be the center of her life — a full life.

"I was given this book by a relative after the recent passing of my husband of 41 years and thought that this was going to be another book talking about the stages of grief. I was totally wrong. The author's experiences during her grieving process are exactly what I am experiencing now. I felt like she intimately knew my life history and how I was feeling day and night. Her references to God mirrored my conflicting of how God will help me get through this grief process by trusting in His guidance. I am only in the beginning of my grieving, but because of "Promise of Hope," I know that with faith and trust in God, I will not be alone through this uncharted journey. Thank you, Jean"

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