Spark of Life Alumni – From Their Hearts to Yours

From Retreat # 104 – Montana, October 2019
"'Thank you' seems inadequate to express my gratitude to you and Spark of Life for last week’s life-changing event. This was the most impactful and meaningful event of my life." 

"I learned so much about grief, anger, and loss and practical ways to move forward with hope. I think daily of the dear souls in retreat # 104 who were brave enough to share their grief and loss. They keep on keeping on in spite of their sorrow, and that is an inspiration to me."

"Thank you to all on your Spark of Life team, those who pampered and served us, those who give so that you can do these retreats, and to all involved with Spark of Life. You have allowed this ‘Martha’, always fussing about, to be ‘Mary’, and just sit at your feet and listen."

"I will cherish Spark of Life # 104 all of my days. It has been engraved on my heart. I will pray for you as you continue to touch and change lives of others through this awesome ministry."

From Retreat # 99 – Missouri, June 2019

"I will never forget this experience. I came with such a heavy heart. I left on Sunday a little lighter and lot more grateful. It was so good for me, my heart, my relationship with God, and with my family. Thanks to each of you who make this retreat possible. It truly changed my life. May God always bless Spark of Life."


From Retreat # 100 – Colorado, June 2019

“Incredible. Attending a Spark of Life retreat completely changed my life. The loss of my son and a lifetime accumulation of unresolved grief proved to be a heavy load, one which was often hard to carry. Spark of Life provided me an opportunity to process my grief, unload my backpack and begin living forward again (instead of simply existing). I cannot say enough about the people, the passion and the process. My prayer is that everyone be given the opportunity to experience life with Spark. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


More Reviews

"My wife Amanda and I attended a Spark of Life Grief Recovery Retreat in 2014 after the tragic death of her parents. I cannot say enough about how much the retreat helped us; not only did it give us tools with which to work through our grief, it also provided us with a caring community of support and encouragement. In the months that followed, we asked David Mathews, co-founder and executive director of Spark of Life, to come to Highland Hills and conduct a Saturday-Sunday Grief Recovery Workshop for our community. Many people from both our community as well as our church came on Saturday – then David spoke at both of our Sunday services. The Spark of Life Grief Recovery Workshop has helped our church not only to reach out to our community in a powerful way, but it has also helped us minister to those grieving in our church."