Spark of Life exists to help those who are grieving to live forward with confidence and hope after loss.

The founders of Spark of Life have experienced the journey from loss to life, from grief to grace. We know the journey is difficult and full of pain and confusion. We also know this journey to hope is possible. We invite you to visit us as we all travel this road of grief.

Though life can never be the same after loss, life can be better than we can imagine.

We offer safe spaces for conversations about the hard things we all experience after loss, whether it’s the loss of a loved one, loss of our health, or loss of our expectations. We want to provide the encouragement and hope you need to live forward with purpose.

Learn more about our individual care provided in our Grief Recovery Retreats, Grief Coaching and online resources.

In our Grief Workshops & Consulting for groups, we assist organizations in seeking the best way to equip their communities in caring for each other.