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As of December 2019, SPOL has hosted 105 Grief Recovery Retreats serving over 1400 grievers, who have come from 46 US states, Australia, Nigeria, England, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

By the incredible generosity of our supporters, each of these life-changing retreats has been given as a gift to each participant at no charge. Thank you for helping make another 100 retreats possible.

Almost every retreat has waiting lists. Beginning in 2020, we will be requiring a charge of $500 per individual to attend a retreat, and $800 for a couple who share the same room. This will enable us to provide more retreats to those who are grieving. However, these charges will cover only ½ of Spark’s costs to offer these retreats.

We also know that many people who desperately need a retreat will not be able to afford this. Thus, we want to provide scholarships to help those in need.

Your giving to Spark of Life will help more and more and more people experience hope in the midst of their pain.

Thank you so much for your gift to Spark of Life.

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