At Spark of Life we have heard thousands of stories, from the loss of a marriage to the tragedy of burying a child.  Our coaches have personally experienced monumental loss and are highly trained to help you grieve through the journey.  We are not here to fix you because you do not need fixing. You need to grieve.


How do sessions work?  You set the schedule that is convenient to you.  Our grief coaches are available at various hours of the day so that we can help people from all over the world.  You can pick the coach, or we are happy to help match one with you.  Each session is 45 Minutes via Phone, Skype, Facetime, Zoom, per your choice.  You can purchase as many sessions as you would like.  We offer two simple session booking options which are below.  After your selection and booking we will immediately contact you to set up your first coaching session and meeting.


Our Team

Over the years of our existence we have hand picked a compassionate, grace-filled team of coaches that are professionally trained and personally experienced to walk beside those who are grieving.

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Cari and Scott

Scott and Cari Zorno became involved in Spark of Life in 2016 after experiencing the deaths of three of their children. They have facilitated GriefShare support groups and Spark of Life retreats.

Cari is an advanced grief coach, Face 2 Face minister, and author of Tattooed by Grief: A Faith Based Approach to Helping Those Impacted by Loss.

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Rusty and Nancy Meadows

Rusty Meadows, LPC, LADAC, has worked in the behavioral health field for over twenty years and is a therapist with Chenal Family Therapy PLC.  A John Maxwell Certified Life Coach, Rusty’s desire is to help clients achieve the positive life changes that they are seeking.

Nancy and Rusty have facilitated around 50 Spark retreats since 2010. Nancy excels in the gifts of hospitality and service. Her warmth, understanding and being a good listener make her an excellent choice for grief coaching. The Meadows’ life experiences with loss and grief (they lost their 34-year old son, Justin, in 2015) as well as the hundreds they have encountered through the retreats have well prepared them to assist you on your journey.

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Tom and Jan Stockdale

Tom Stockdale has been a funeral director for over 30 years, and he and Jan have worked with those in grief for all those years. He has facilitated grief groups and Spark of Life retreats. He has a passion to help those who are grieving from loss.

Jan Stockdale has worked for over 11 years with grief recovery groups and has helped facilitate Spark of Life retreats. She teaches classes on grief and loss called Interrupted Expectations.

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Dennis and Terri Rine

Dennis and Terri Rine joined the Spark of Life team after having attended a retreat following the murder of their daughter.

They are certified Grief Recovery Specialists and have facilitated nearly 40 retreats. Dennis, recently retired, has been a teacher, guidance counselor and coach at Harding Academy for all of his professional career. Terri teaches at two different universities.

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Mark and Jill Brazle

Mark and Jill Brazle have had several years of coaching and pastoral counseling experience since the shared loss of their grandson Josiah with David and Debbie Mathews.

They’ve helped with Spark of Life since the early days and served with Marriage Encounter. After spending 16 years church planting in Belgium, they worked in full time ministry for 25 years in Ohio and Texas.

Jill and Mark are both Grip-Birkman coaches and Mark is a certified Birkman professional. Mark is a missionary care provider for Missions Resource Network and Jill is a retired high school math teacher.

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Al and Barb Jenkins

Al is a highly respected and successful businessman, mentor, friend, husband and father and is looked to for leadership in anything he does.

Barb has a wide variety of experiences in the business world. She has been a leader in her community in service to others. An author and speaker, Barb is an advocate for others who have experienced similar losses to her own.

In October of 2015, Barb was the victim of a violent crime which devastated the entire family.  Al and Barb came to a Spark retreat to find useful tools to aid in their healing journey. At the retreat, they found the platform in which they found healing and an avenue to help others in their grief.


No matter what you are going through or if you just have a question, we are here to support.  Contact us using the form and we will respond as soon as possible.





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