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Welcome to Hope

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As of December 2019, SPOL has hosted 105 Grief Recovery Retreats, serving over 1400 grievers who have come from 46 US States, Australia, Nigeria, England, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Through the incredible generosity of our supporters, each of these life-changing retreats has been given to those grieving as a gift with no charge.

In our efforts to help more people live forward, and because of the high demand of people requesting retreats, there will be a $500 non-refundable deposit required to secure your place (or a $800 non-refundable deposit for 2 people sharing the same room).

This is the total cost for attending the retreat, and covers three night’s lodging, all food, and materials, and facilitators’ expenses and fees. 

Transportation to and from the retreat location is the responsibility of the participant.

Scholarships for the deposit may be available, depending on availability of funds. Should you have any questions concerning this, please contact us at info@sparkoflife.org.


Spark of Life Grief Coaches will listen and connect with you and the grief you are experiencing. Coaches will not set time frames for you. They will guide you through the process of grief, encouraging you and equipping you to have hope and a plan to live forward with purpose.


Expect acceptance, understanding and hope. It is what you will find at a Spark of Life Retreat. Expect dynamic group interaction, a proven action plan for grief recovery that inspires hope, and time to reflect in solitude by resting, walking, praying or reading.


Written by Spark of Life co-founder David Mathews, Why Do You Hurt Me God? helps you explore this life-altering question in a unique, down-to- earth way.

Why Do You Hurt Me God?


“Although we lost our son Jay over 10 years ago, attending the Spark of Life Retreat was still very enriching. One of the more painful feelings during such a loss is that of feeling as if you are the only one that has experienced such grief. Meeting and working with others with like trials was very helpful and rewarding. We wholeheartedly recommend a Spark of Life Retreat.”

""My wife Amanda and I attended a Spark of Life Grief Recovery Retreat in 2014 after the tragic death of her parents. I cannot say enough about how much the retreat helped us; not only did it give us tools with which to work through our grief, it also provided us with a caring community of support and encouragement."

“No words are adequate to express my gratitude to you for providing this weekend of processing, loving, processing, grieving, processing more and being loved. While loss and the hurt and pain have been my life since the death of my husband, this weekend has truly been a spark of life.”

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to attend the retreat. I initially came to be a support for a friend who lost her husband. Upon arriving I quickly discovered that I had several losses of my own to process. To be able to deal with grief in a warm, loving, safe, environment is wonderful. Thank you for allowing me and my friend the opportunity to do so.”